Saving Memories One Footprint At A Time


"Having a dedicated memory box for my twin daughters means the world to me. In my eyes, it lets the parents that lose twins know that they aren't the only ones on this journey of loss alone. Because losing one child is hard, but losing multiples is a whole different type of grief..."


"Getting the worst news possible and being in complete and utter shock, never contemplating that this would happen and not having any clue what to do with this terrible information, my memory box was one of the most touching things I have ever received. I would have never known what to do to preserve the memory of my daughter and I could never thank the people enough for what they did to put the box together...seriously a lifetime of gratitude since this is all I would have to remember Amelia. I want to share that with others, and as much as I don't want any of these boxes to be used, I am so thankful they are available when needed. It is an amazing ministry that will change a person's forever life and ability to make memories in their babies brief lives."


"When my son Brody died I was given a memory box. It holds the only things I will ever have of his. I will keep it forever.  On what would have been his 1st Birthday, Margaret's Memories donated a memory box for me to give to the hospital where he was born. It was in his honor that we donated it. It's a special feeling to give that to another family because I know how much I will always cherish mine. "

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